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New technology for fashion jewellery

Fashion jewellery on-line

Our company is using our own patented technology of construction and production process of step by step bending metal jewellery semi-finished products.

Standard procedure for construction, production and suggested use of new jewellery semi-finished products:

Since we are making brand new types of metal semi-finished products of fashion jewellery, we designed them in such way so that they can be used in various combinations of jewellery.

If you have a interest for distribution and selling our original jewellery, don't wait and contact us with attached form. Our company is able to make any special offer for you according to your conceptions. We would like to make a offer for our exclusive wedding jewellery to your Wedding saloon, Luxury costume jewellery to your shop of evening gown, collect of jewellery for every day or for youth & teen-agers too. Straightway to producer is very important for you with good selling prices and margin philosophy.

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