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Trading conditions, instruction for shopping of jewellery

Jewellery on-line shop 

Selection of goods in our Bijoux Jewellery On-line shop

On Left side or in aktive banners in our On-line shop home page, select bijoux category of your interest ( Necklases, bracelets, earrings, headbands, tec...)  After your will click to chosed banner, will be open website with goods of yours chosed category. This category are sorted according to code number of goods.

If are goods sorted according to special types of jewellery (wedding, luxusy, etc...), you can open only this types for easier selecting. Here is a Better choice with ilustration pictures and more informations about the goods. Then you can chosen goods put to the basket and goods will stay at basket and you can continue chose next goods from our Bijoux Jewellery E-shop after press arrow - continue shopping . To Booking Office, you can come any time with ref. Go over to Booking office in left bortím corner of the page...

Consequently order is in threesteps and before sending, you can whole order check and confirm.

Tips: How fast I can find, what I like and  what I am looking for in our Jewellery On-line shop?

According to large qty of samples and they alternatives (several hundred) is for your fast choice of goods preferable in next procedure

  1. On our webside Pdf for downloading chose category which is for you interesting. ( Necklases, bracelets, earrings, headbands, tec...)
  2. Open respective file and you can see our complette sortiment in any category. Chose a goods, which is for you more interesting
  3. According code of goods from the picture you will find the goods which you chosed from our sortiment in our jewellery on-line shop.
  4. Goods put to the basket and you can chose again.

Method of payment in our Bijoux Jewellery On-line shop

1.- With bank transfer to our Bank Account - After filling and sent purchase order defray agreed amount to our Bank Account IBAN: CZ13 0800 0000 0009 9046 8349

Do not forget input of variable code of your order ( in order or acknowledgement e-mail) to your payment

Straightway on receive of your amount on our bank account will be goods sent to you.

2.- Straightway payment with your credit card - You can pay easily with your credit card via secure web pages of our saving bank. We accept those card - VISA, VISA Electron, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO

Terms of delivery of our Jewellery on-line shop

Delivery of ordered goods from our jewellery on-line shop are realizated in shortest term - usually 1-5 working days from receiving payment on our Bank Account, eventually homologation about your payment  or banks advice. Exceptional cases, primarily by order of large qty, can be agreement with buyer about longer term of delivery. Place of pick up is provided on the basic of customer purchase order. Performance of delivery is delivery of ordered goods to right place. Transport to right  adress is in competation of sender.

In case, that goods are not in the stock, see info and you can send to us question about they delivery. With those goods is term of delivery after mutual agreement due to production possibilities and capacitys .

Price of jewells in our jewellery on-line shop

Price of ordered goods are publicated on web sites of seller. Price are including VAT. Basic is price in CZK in Czech variant of our Bijoux Jewellery E-shop, price in EUR are every day calculated (moving) according to actual rate of exchange from Czech National Bank. For aranging of your invoice our system automatically put actual price in EUR according to actual rate of exchange only for actual day.

Standard way of delivery with Czech Postal-office 

Canceling of purchase order (PO) in our jewellery on-line shop from customer 

Customer got rights to cancel PO without reason whenever before  final confirmation of they. After final confirmation of PO only in the case that seller does not keep all rules about delivery. in the case of canceling accepted PO is customer obliged cover to seller incurred loss with this act. 

Seller stake the claim for incurred loss primary in case of buying goods on PO, which were necessary on wish of customer provided, or in case of connection with landing goods came to detectable costs, as a waste transport, etc...If was not in original PO invoiced transport and value of PO will be after canceling of items PO lower, then is minimum value for free transport, will be transport free fill up to PO and customer will be for this charged.

Cancel purchase order (PO)of jewellery from seller site

Seller got rights to cancel PO or they part in this cases:

  1.             Goods are not in production, or not supply
  2.             Goods are for long time unavailable
  3.             Change markedly of process costing of goods

If will come this situation, we will contact you via e-mail or phone where we will confirm next steps (compensation of ordered goods, canceling PO, etc...)

If goods do not have compensation will be taken from PO and canceled. If you paid goods and final value of PO will be after change less, then paid money advance, money will be transferred back to your account in shortest term (usually until 4 working days  from incoming payment to our bank account). In case of value PO will be after enforcement higher, you have to pay those differences.

Avoidance of contract (return of the jewellery)

Return of the goods from customer is possible with law- without induction of reason until 14 days from receive of the goods. This right is conditional on purchase as a natural person, no on purchase as company. By ordering the goods modified due to wish of customer is not avoidance of contract from customer possible. Formulation of seller, if will be request about return of goods unanimous and if all following conditions fulfilled will be to customer intimated until 10 days from date of receiving goods to address of seller.

Post fees are pay with customer (do not send with cash packet, this kind seller do not accepting). Please, put down, those goods are return in law terms of 14 days. Reason of goods return is not necessary mention, but if you will reason write down, we will be glad. After receiving goods back, customer must sign credit note of the goods, which will be send to him and signed note deliver to address of seller. On this proposition will be sent money to customer for returning goods.

Important: For goods entry back must be realized those propositions:

            - Goods must be complete with original conditions and wrap

            - With goods must be copy of invoice enclosed

            - Goods and wrap must not be demaged

            - Goods must not have any marks with they using

Data security of our jewelry on-line shop

You're offered data by filling PO and registration will be not afforded to any third subject. Exemption is only shipping company, to whom we have to give information's about delivery of goods.

Final provisions

Those trading conditions are valid for all trading cases closing between seller and buyer. Buyer is natural person same as a corporate body. Legal relations of both contracting parties issued with close PO are directing in case of natural person due to civil code & law. In case of corporate body due to commercial code & law. In subjection on change of appropriates norms, as trading politics of seller, where are all trading conditions possible for change. This change and they effectively will be proclaiming with appropriate manner on our web sites.

Claim rules of our jewellery online shop

After delivery customer is obliged check goods immediately. If is found mechanical damage of wrapper, customer is obliged check conditions of goods. In case of damage of goods make notes about that in present of delivery person. Responsible of damage during transport is company of carrier, all goods are insured. After signature of delivery list with customer, customer is agree with taking delivery, and declare that all came without any damage. Prospective mechanical damage of goods in unbroken wrapper is necessary make a report about that until 3 days from receives of goods. Later claim will be not acceptable from claim's rules of carrier.

All our goods are guarantee due to civil and commercial rules & laws. Claim is not acceptable in case with mechanical damage and abrasion consequent of using. A term for settlement of claim is counting after we received goods from you. Claimed goods must customer send with copy of invoice to address of our e-commerce office: Bijoux Trend CZ s.r.o., Smetanova 66, 46601 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, Europe. To covering letter write reason of claim of goods. Customer is responsible to delivery of claimed goods to seller; we are recommending insuring of that. Seller will not receive goods with mechanical damage of wrap. After settlement of a claim will be goods remit to customer, seller will pay postal charge.

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